We are Bloodlines

Bloodlines - Alliance - EU-Terenas & Emerald Dream PVE

Bloodlines is a guild with an aim on friendship and relaxed raiding.
A place where people can feel 'home', be 'themselves' and do their thing.
PVE in all it's facets is where our focus lays.

Bloodlines was founded a long time ago by some friends Rok, Hesh, Halkeye, Dinodas, Gimloide, Moonlight and Oldone who used to raid in Sanctus Mortis and Resurrection on the Terenas server.

We are an adult guild with an age restriction of +20y. Ofcourse the odd exception can occur.
Besides that we are a family guild. Bloodlines says it all. Brothers (co-founders), couples, people with children all have their spot in Bloodlines. The Bloodlines members cover several West-European countries: DK, UK, NL, BE, NO, SW, DE, etc. And even the USA.

In 2015 the guild Blood Phoenix joined our forces.

We raid 2 times a week endgame content: on Wednesday and Sunday. Other days we focus on mythic + and raid older content or farm some achievements.