Raider application Cadir + Grain

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Raider application Cadir + Grain

Postby Cadir » Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:22 pm


I spoke to Ljohnsilver about joining Bloodlines, after a chat he suggested writing up this application.

We are 2 dudes from Amsterdam looking for a chill guild with proper raiding progression. We really feel Legion is going to be amazing and want to experience it to the fullest, and are hoping to find Bloodlines to be a great home for us :)

Main Level 100 Toon Name (Please state class & race):

Cadir, Human Warrior
Grain, Night Elf Death Knight

Please give us a brief summary of your raid experiences and level of progression:

(Cadir:) I tanked and spanked every boss at 60 on a warrior, including the original Naxxramas. Took a break in BC as I was playing CS on a high level with my clan. In WotlK I came back to raiding, did Naxx (again :lol: ) and all Ulduar HM including 1 light and firefighter on my DK. At the end of TotC my guild disbanded and I took a break. In Cataclysm I didn't raid until Firelands and DS on my DK. Before that I played another MMO called Rift, had a server first killing Akylios in Hammerknell. Started WoD with HFC, cleared normal on my paladin, and up to Zul'Horac on HC.

(Grain:)Started to play WoW at 60 but didn't really have an interest in raiding as Counterstrike was my main game. Started getting into raiding more in WotlK, cleared ICC. Same as Cadir for WoD. Started HFC and progressed up to Zul'Horac on HC.

Main Toon previous guild(s) and reason why you left/are planning on leaving?:

Bokkerijders is a cool Dutch guild and we had a solid raiding team progressing nicely on HC. With the approach of Legion a lot of core members left for other guilds and they are rebuilding atm. Raided with the new guys a couple times, but the new raidleader is very inexperienced and it would take a lot to get to the standard of which we like to play at. We would like to hit the ground running in Legion ;)

Your Main Toon talent build, please include a link to your armory page here:

Cadir is fury atm, might switch to Arms come Legion as the Artifact provides a massive dps increase.

Grain is frost atm, but will change to Unholy in Legion:

Why do you want to join Bloodlines?

Had a positive chat with Ljohnsilver, he told me the raiding team is pretty much completed and ready to go. You guys seem like a nice bunch and are around for a while to get progression done in previous tiers. Also the raiding days and times fit perfectly within both our schedules, which was a very important requirement for selecting a new guild :)

Can you play from 20h30 to +-23h00 and minimal 3 raids per week?

Do you know/have TS3 (teamspeak) program?

Do you have microphone and are you willing to communicate vocally with the rest of the raid group?

How old are you, and where are you from?

Cadir is 31, Grain is 29 both from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Living a couple blocks from each other :D

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked?

Absolutely. Would welcome a change if this benefits the raid.

A few words about you:

Love working out, we both train 3-4 days a week at the same gym around the corner. Really into Blizzard games, any games where you can make character progression. Diablo 3 hardcore players, hit 100 Paragon before RoS.

Do you have any questions for us?
Not really. Asked Ljohnsilver all I wanted to know at that time, rest will surely come when we meet you all :D

Re: Raider application Cadir + Grain

Postby Oldone » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:29 pm

thx for the interest in bloodlines.

Our Officers are discussing your application at the moment, we come back to you asap.
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Re: Raider application Cadir + Grain

Postby Ravenbear » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:38 pm

Sorry to hear about bokkerijders...... there where some nice friends in there when i helped them for a while, hope they get back up one day.

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