TeeQ and Olgakuban wanna join Bloodlines

You want to join us, nice, fill in the form here and we get back to you.

TeeQ and Olgakuban wanna join Bloodlines

Postby TTeeQQ » Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:03 pm

Main Level 100 Toon Name (Please state class & race):
TeeQ holy paladin & Olgakuban Feral / boomkin / resto
Other Level 100 Alt Toon Names (Please state class & race):
Tooq / windwalker
With regard to your Alt Toons, please tell us about any raiding you undertake or plan to with other guilds on these characters:

Your Main Toon professions and level, please explain why you selected these professions for this Toon: Mining / jewel crafting low lvl but high enough to make stuff ... for guildies + friends

Do you have previous Main Toons which you may have been 'well known for' but no longer play: mainly play holy paladin

Please give us a brief summary of your raid experiences and level of progression (60/70/80/85lvl, normal/hc):account got hacked a wile ago ... cudnt get it back ... but mostly heroics / mythics

Main Toon previous guild(s) and reason why you left/are planning on leaving?:
mostly friends guilds ... and most died because inactivity
Your Main Toon talent build, please include a link to your armory page here: ... eeq/simple is still not updated tho ... and this is the 1 of my druid friend Olgakuban ... ban/simple
Why do you want to join Bloodlines?: We want to start raiding again if possible....and most important join a good community

Can you play from 20h30 to +-23h00 and minimal 3 raids per week?:
yes sometimes can miss a raid tho because work & shifts
Do you know/have TS3 (teamspeak) program?
Yes we do
Do you have microphone and are you willing to communicate vocally with the rest of the raid group?: Yes we do :D

How old are you, and where are you from?
teeq is 30 and from holland /olgakuban is 31 from holland but lives in Russia
Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked?:yea can do but im mainly healer

Skill level of your 1st Aid & cooking?
i dont use those :D
A few words about you:teeq = jay just a normal guy ... likes to have fun with raiding and having fun with guildies ands friends / olgakuban = lennard crazy dutch guy that lives in Russia is like almost the same ghehe

Do you have any questions for us?:
Not really have been talking with ljohnsilver
Any sponsors in the guild you might have?:
Cadir / Grain / ljohnsilver

Re: TeeQ and Olgakuban wanna join Bloodlines

Postby Oldone » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:38 pm

the council will come back to you as soon as they discussed this.

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