Frost Dk Apply

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Re: Frost Dk Apply

Post by Oldone » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:40 pm


Can you wisp Misschaos or Oldone in game for an invite.


Re: Frost Dk Apply

Post by Misschaos » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:53 pm

Thank you. We'll get back to you shortly

Re: Frost Dk Apply

Post by Skullki » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:02 pm

Re: Frost Dk Apply

Post by Misschaos » Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:38 pm

Can you pls post a link to your armory? I can't seem to find your character

Frost Dk Apply

Post by Skullki » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:46 pm

Main Level 100 Toon Name (Please state class & race): Skullki, Dk, Dwarf

Other Level 100 Alt Toon Names (Please state class & race): Hashirama,Monk,Pandaren

With regard to your Alt Toons, please tell us about any raiding you undertake or plan to with other guilds on these characters: Well they are on others servers and i havn't had chance to raid with them and don't intend to any time soon.

Your Main Toon professions and level, please explain why you selected these professions for this Toon: 100, Mining 700/ Engineering 630 soon to be 700, mining to farm ores and engineering for the extras you get like glider, blingtron etc..

Do you have previous Main Toons which you may have been 'well known for' but no longer play: No

Please give us a brief summary of your raid experiences and level of progression (60/70/80/85lvl, normal/hc): Well i played since Wotlk i did minor raiding then started raiding a bit more in Cata and within Mop i progressed in heroic/Mythic and now in WoD i just resubbed and want to progress through this raid with a good guild.

Main Toon previous guild(s) and reason why you left/are planning on leaving?: Well dont remember the names of them but the one i started with in WoD faction changed to merge with another guild, the second one i joined disbanded and im in cake and pie and i feel like they progress to slow and many of the players don't know what they are doing.

Your Main Toon talent build, please include a link to your armory page here: Frost and Change the build to the situation.

Why do you want to join Bloodlines? Because it seems like a good guild to progress with.

Can you play from 20h30 to +-23h00 and minimal 3 raids per week? With no problem

Do you know/have TS3 (teamspeak) program? Yes

Do you have microphone and are you willing to communicate vocally with the rest of the raid group? Yep

How old are you, and where are you from? 17, Cyprus and now in UK

Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked? Yep

Skill level of your 1st Aid & cooking? 335 aid and 1 cooking

A few words about you: Im a good persevering player who can handle plenty of wipes and i learn from my mistakes

Do you have any questions for us? When do i start ;)

Any sponsors in the guild you might have? Nope :p